Sleep is our greatest resource for health, regeneration, efficiency and personal success.

At SAMINA it is our aim to make this resource available to as many people as possible. For this reason SAMINA has developed products that support healthy Bio-Energetic Sleep®. The concept, created 20 years ago by sleep psychologist, health expert and our Company founder, Günther W. Amann-Jennson, betokens the highest form of physical, spiritual and mental regeneration through sleep.

The Company offers a widely diversified product range that meets all the well-known orthopaedic, materials-related and biological building requirements as well as those from the fields of sleep medicine, hygiene and bed climate, for best possible sleep quality. Expert sleep advisers are on hand, on a confidential basis, to clarify personal needs and situations and there is an extensive shop net to enable anyone to get information about SAMINA quickly and easily. All this makes SAMINA the expert, an innovative and leading partner within the field of healthy sleep whose products offer the opportunity to make any sleeping area a place of relaxation, regeneration and Bio-Energetic Sleep ® Thus optimal sleep quality is guaranteed and best possible customer value.