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The natural materials used by SAMINA have a positive effect on recuperation and sleep quality. Much consideration is given to sourcing the valuable raw materials so that only the best quality is then used for the production of SAMINA products.

Quality yarn cotton and organic virgin sheep’s wool
The material from which dreams are made – here at SAMINA - is a naturally pure, breathable cotton, filled with 100% organic virgin sheep’s wool from sheep running wild in the Lech Valley (Allgäu). If handled completely naturally, virgin sheep’s wool will display its extraordinary ability to absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture.  SAMINA virgin sheep’s wool is, therefore, washed very gently and processed into fleece before being filled into two-ply-quality natural cotton covers. Warm in winter and cool in summer, SAMINA sheep’s wool pads, covers and pillows ensure a perfectly natural, harmonious and dry and warm bed climate.

Natural ash
It is the unique elasticity of untreated ash slats and the natural elasticity of natural rubber that are the critical factors for achieving orthopaedic support for the body and easing the strain during sleep. Central to this is a freely suspended slat frame. Ash has the ability to store the energy of the sun and thus provides a further contribution to vitality through sleep.

Natural rubber
A top quality 100% natural rubber mattress with high-point elasticity carries on the effect of the slat frame to guarantee great sleep quality. Natural rubber is an “intelligent material“, it is especially point-elastic, it is durable and can be disposed of by ecological means.

Thus SAMINA is able to work with all aspects of nature’s intelligence.