Healthy sleep advice

Expert advice and know how.
At a healthy sleep advice session you will benefit from 20 years of experience.

Our trained SAMINA advisors will take the time to advise you in an in-depth and private healthy sleep advice session in which you will be able to discuss your situation and all your individual needs such as, for example, your sleep environment, any health problems or existing sleep disorders and back complaints. We are happy to advise on an appropriate bed frame, the correct care for SAMINA products and much more.  Free of charge, healthy sleep advice sessions are offered at every SAMINA Shop and also by our SAMINA sales partners.

At a healthy sleep advice session at your nearest SAMINA shop we shall be able to show you the positive effects of our innovative healthy sleep concept: knowledge based on working with nature, and orthopaedic specifications supplied by medical doctors and therapists are combined in a consistent way to improve sleep. Enjoy the benefits of our 20 years of experience in this field.