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Sleep is the greatest source of health and vitality and is the single most important factor influencing longevity. The science of sleep is still a relatively new topic of research, however recognition for the importance of sleep continues to grow. And while there is still a great deal about sleep that is unknown, most of us are well aware of the impacts of a bad night’s sleep.

For over 20 years SAMINA has been dedicated to helping people achieve healthy sleep. SAMINA’s healthy sleep concept led to the development of a holistic sleeping system that has been proven to promote better levels of sleep, better health, more energy for living and personal success – vouched for by expert opinion and scientifically-based scholarship and confirmed by enthusiastic customers.

SAMINA has drawn on many years of experience and knowledge to create the ideal sleeping system. Made in Austria, the orthopaedically designed system is crafted by hand using only natural materials to provide you with everything you need for a deep, restful sleep.

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